Silver Cautiously Optimistic About Orlando Bubble Play

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says he is cautiously optimistic that the league can restart in Orlando the end of this month.

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All teams selected to take part in the tournament are expected to play though the Brooklyn Nets will be without a number of their top players due to positive tests. 

Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie announced Tuesday that he won’t join his team in Orlando after testing positive for the coronavirus a second time.  Dinwiddie had tested positive over a week ago.

“I’m confident, based on the positive cases we’re seeing from our players in the general public around the country that it will be safer on campus than off this campus, in part because we’re going to be doing daily testing. And, incidentally, when our players are not playing — which is the vast majority of the time they’re there — they will be observing physical distancing and wearing masks.

“So it’s a very protected environment. But again, this virus has humbled many. I’m not going to express any higher level confidence than with the protocols (in place) we hope it works as we designed it.”

Silver is encouraged that advances in the understanding of the coronavirus since March will help the NBA deal with potential positive tests.

“We do have the ability to trace, of course, to try to understand where that positive case came from,” Silver said. “We can actually analyze the virus itself and try to track whether, if there’s more than one case, if it’s in essence the same virus, (if) the same genetic variation of the virus that is passed from one player to another, or if two people on the campus have gotten it independently. So those are all things that we’re looking at.

“Certainly,” he added, “if we had any sort of significant spread at all within our campus we would be shut down again.”

– Ean Lamb,

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