Spanish – English Quizzes and Games

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Despite the fact of the quarantine y el Corona Virus. Spanglish has created a unique and interactive format, which invite you to learn a language and make friends while you rich yourself with the Spanglish culture: sports, games, stories, music, books, films, life style, leisure activities, general culture etc… all ONLINE.

Spanish – English Quizzes & Games are the perfect chance to deeply immerse in the Hispanic or British culture. The event lasts two hours, two sections of 30 mins in Spanish and two sections of 30 mins in English.


The quiz runs as the usual English format with the spice up that the questions are raised in Spanish or English. The host organises groups from three to six people. The host balances the Spanish/English level per group.


We organize a variety of social games included but not limited to Spyfall, Guess the Character, Riddles, Jokes, Hangman etc…

IMPORTANT: Download Zoom app in advance.
PC: (You’ll need camera, microphone and audio)

Cost? 10% will be donated to fight the Coronavirus.
You can pay by Monzo or Revolut or PayPal[masked] or bank transfer (text me for details).

Can I suggest a game or just make an open suggestion?

Of course, just contact me by email or whats’app. I’ll ensure your suggestion has the right execution. I’m here to help and provide you guys with the best environment possible for you to have fun and improve your language speaking.


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