Sports Betting Pitfalls To Avoid at Online Books

Betting sports online through a quality book such as is the best way to make the most of the overall experience. Unfortunately, there are more than a few pitfalls to look out for with many of today’s online sportsbooks.

Here is a shortlist of things to avoid when looking for the right site to bet sports online:

1. Complicated Bonus Terms & Conditions

You should always read and understand all the terms and conditions tied to actually collecting funds offered in any type of bonus offer.

Just about every single online sportsbook has a welcome offer for new players. Many of those bonus offers on initial deposits are also very hard to earn. The first thing to take into consideration is the number of rollovers needed to collect the bonus amount. You may have to place more than $1500 in bets just to receive an extra $100.

You also need to be aware of the rules in place to withdrawal any money earned through a bonus. The rollover requirement might pertain to the amount of your deposit plus the potential bonus amount.

Most online books use deposit matching bonuses as a hook to get you signed. HRWager makes a habit of offering bonuses that are realistic to collect with low rollover requirements.

2. A Lengthy Payment Process

It is equally important to perform a thorough search of any betting site’s banking options. They make it extremely easy to fund an online betting account. Collecting your winnings can be a whole other story.

A common practice is to payout any withdrawal requests in the same fashion money was deposited in the first place. You should have the option to use one preferred banking option for all of your online transactions.

You should also be mindful of any transfer fees attached to withdrawal requests. More and more online sports bettors are turning to Bitcoin as a preferred banking option. This is still the fastest and cheapest way to move money in and out of your online account.

3. Limited Betting Options

You should also check out an online book’s entire betting board before opening an online account with an actual deposit.

You may never bet on international table tennis or rugby down under in Australia. However, a built-out board with a wide array of betting options signals a knowledgeable and committed online book.

This is also a sign of a professional bookmaking operation that is interested in building a diverse customer base. HRWager has a stacked betting board that includes horse betting and live casino gambling.

The best online betting sites of 2020 cater to their customers and their betting needs. Added options such as game, team or player props are a great way to add more excitement to the action on the field, court or ice.

4. Poor Customer Reviews

Word of mouth advertising is still the best way to find the right online betting site.

Even more important is uncovering any complaints.

Some individual negative comments can be discounted due to human nature. Yet, if a pattern of complaints emerge, this could be a huge red flag. For example, if you find a long list of complaints tied back to payment requests, this would be hard to ignore.

You should also make note of dates surrounding any comment added to a site review. Recent comments should be considered valid. Anything older than a year needs to be heavily discounted one way or the other.

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