Strain Report – Banana Punch – Big Head Seeds

Strain Report – Banana Punch – Big Head Seeds

Their plants are the culmination of years of research and exploration. We didn’t get here on our own. There are many unsung heroes who’s blood, sweat and tears have given us the cornucopia of genetics available today.

The Strain

Banana Punch is a glorious Indica dominant Banana OG and Purple Punch cross.

These two heavyweights combine to form a glittering trichome laden tasty combo.

Fruitier than Carmen Miranda’s hat a veritable cornucopia of flavors will have you dancing around and singing like her until it really kicks in. Then you’ll probably eat your imaginary hat as the munchies kick in and relaxation envelopes your mind, body and soul.

A strong yet happy high leading to sweet oblivion and total coma if desired.

Growing easy.

Written and Published By Big Head Seeds In Weed World Magazine Issue 145

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