The Appropriateness of Gamification in Mobile Casinos


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Gamification can be understood as a trendy influence in recent years. It mainly aims to increase customers’ involvement with the system. When an element is gamified, it adopts elements of the game and mimics other things. This takes advantage of human enjoyment in working towards a certain goal. It is not surprising that many sectors are taking an interest in mobile gamification of their product. From fashion to education and from startups to big companies, they all take more interest in casinos. The influence of gamification in a mobile casino can be seen by the impact of it in the UK. Mobile casino uk grew by leaps and bounds when the government legalized betting. These gamification techniques involve many ways you can pay and play, for example, the provision of pay by mobile casinos. The market value of online gambling in the UK stood around 94 billion dollars.

The Appropriateness of Gamification in Mobile Casinos

Gamification in mobile phone casinos is one big step towards the slot casinos. The sole trick of casinos is to keep the customer engaged; this will make more money. Gamification of mobile phone casinos just aids this trick and makes income more profitable. More people stay involved more in the casino they play, and more the owner can make money out of it. Gamification makes it easier in the hands of the owner to earn profit and customers to enjoy most out of the game. A win-win situation on both sides!

Different ways of gamification in mobile casinos

There are many ways in which gamification of new casino games can be done; these are listed below: –

  • Unlockable content – This technique of gamification utilises the level locked method. Here one of the levels will unlock once you cross a certain level. This builds up interest in people, making them play more and more. This also build-up the environment of competitiveness which further attracts them to attain that certain goal.  
  • Levelling up – Leveling up is another mobile gamification technique, which allows the player to play more and more. There are many designed levels which you need to cross in order to reach a certain score or gain more benefits. This urge makes players play more and levels up the progress. In this system, there would be a number of different tiers within the casino, each different submission games, achievement, and related content. The reward would come when the player completes enough of one level or gains enough virtual currency to advance to the next.
  • Leadership boards – Leadership board is another attractive mobile gamification technique where people are attracted to this score holding feature. Many such casinos have this part of the leaderboard. You can find such boards in some best casinos in the UK. These leadership boards consist of names of people who scored the highest, by how much they scored, and the awards presented to them. Higher the score more, the urge will be to reach the top-ranked.  Excelling the top chart means to get your name on the particular leadership chart at the top of it. Isn’t that what everyone wants?
  • The Appropriateness of Gamification in Mobile Casinos

  • Loyalty Points – Loyalty points are such that the more you spend at online casinos, the more it gives you the loyalty point. This raise in loyalty point works in increasing the perks you get at the casino. This loyalty offer increases; gives you perks in a way that ranges from free spins to special promotional offers. There even have some special categories in these loyalty points, such as VIP initiatives. These VIP initiatives are reserved for customers who are loyal enough. These involve mobile slot games that offer perks as you can play without paying for the first time; for example, the mobile casino has no deposit in the UK.  Loyalty points are a way to say thanks to the casino to their customer for spending quality time with it.
  • Missions and Stories – Now comes the most creative way of mobile  gamification of the casino slot game. The principle is that gamified casinos built up a provisional world around them, about the stories and missions that harmonise the world. These missions cover a wide range, i.e., from bagging certain slots to high rated win streak. Once the player completes a certain number of missions, they are upgraded and also given away certain prizes.

All these techniques are adopted to expand the zone of online mobile gaming. This gamification can upgrade your casino scenario to another level. In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, to compete with the new emerging ideas and technologies, the sectors must expand their reach and lookout for ways to engage players.


One of the efficient ways to increase player participation is by the gamification of casinos. This will increase player participation and thus will turn into a bigger market share. Apart from reaching out for new ideas and implementing gamification, the dangers of bad gamification must also be considered. This will make sure that their gamification strategies yield the best results. Mobile gamification act as a compulsive loop where people whirl around continuously and keep on playing in the pleasure of winning a game and earning rewards. 


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The Appropriateness of Gamification in Mobile Casinos




Gamification of mobile casinos is an upcoming trend that has caught the fancy of many players. Here is all that you need to know about this trend.

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