The best lockdown Reddit poker memes

Lucky you

Lucky for me ? from r/poker

It suddenly doesn’t look so great

Can relate from r/poker

Call an ambulance

poker.jpg from r/poker

Taking poker seriously

i decided to take poker seriously. Here’s my graph of winning $100k over 80k hands from r/poker

Deep down….

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie from r/poker

I got that reference

when you’re 95% favored on the turn from r/poker

I had a good run…

When you have 15 big blinds left and look down at pocket Jacks from r/poker

Poker Reddit gets the Chad treatment

Virgin Reg vs. Chad Fun Player from r/poker

Premium hand misses

Ill hit it on the river surely from r/poker

The real Villain

Rounders’ villain vs. Rounders’ actual villain. from r/poker

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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