The mouth speaks what is in the heart

The mouth speaks what is in the heart

I hope the People’s national Movement (PNM) and United National Congress (UNC) politicians are happy.

They have successfully managed to damage the country, by their overt and covert racial rantings, while on the hustings. Now, at a time when people would have gone back to their normal activities after the general election, we are seeing a slew of vile, racists comments from supporters of both parties.

I had tried to warn the country before that we were going down a slippery slope. If we continue, we will destroy so much of what is good about us, and place the country on a road, from which there is no return.

It will lead to consequences that will stun those who are alive, when it happens.

Musician Joey Ng Wai put it nicely when he said that “we can’t adopt the hate we see in other countries; we must always be better than them.”

Unfortunately, the Pandora’s box has been thrown wide open.

Linus F Didier

Mt Hope

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