The Newest Trends in Casino Industry

The casino industry is also in the stage of digitalization. The competitors, however, are not sleeping either, they are looking for new opportunities to establish themselves and to convince clients of using their services or rather their portals. Though there are different trends, and some of them are pretty interesting. What is happening in the industry though? And which trends are to come, it is just a matter of time when it happens?More details about these questions and other things can be found in our article. Thus, what is doing the casino industry now to benefit from all the technological developments, including the digitalization?Chatbots for Customer Support Service
Serious web casinos are facing the same problem as many online shops. There is a hurdle between a user and an offer. Thus, a personal consultation or a personal conversation is hardly possible. But on the other hand, everything in any online industry is about a customer. A personal talk belongs to this, too. Thus, what can casinos do to make customer support especially attractive?Service staff – of course, it is possible to employ dozens of officers. They will take care of every single request of any user. This work is however rather complex. While many issues can be solved fast indeed if the correct technology is applied. For instance, a question about credit request can be solved easily.Chatbots – they might even know all the online users based on their own experience. A chatbot performs the analysis of a question with the help of AI. Further, the chatbots check whether it is possible to reply to the question with the information provided in the FAQ. Very frequently, chatbots are applied to screen the questions from customers. Those questions that cannot be replied with the available information are forwarded to a human customer support agent.Interactive bots – they can chat with you not only in a chat window but also in WhatsApp and other programs specialized for chatting. Thus, the customer is picked from where he normally is.Researches show that chatbots allow increasing the customer satisfaction level. Moreover, the bots can be used not just in a pure customer support service but to make special offers.Some land-based casinos use bots to make excursions in the casino, to promote menu for special game bonuses. Streaming Technology for Live Games
One more trend in online casinos is connected with so-called live casinos. But in this case, we are talking about real tables. They are located in a real casino. But one can play at them virtually only. A webcam is present in the game. Players shall see the tables and the dealers perfectly. It allows having a look at a real casino. What is important to make this work though?Technology – it is everything. An online casino shall have live technology to make players plunge into the game. Some casino providers have advanced a lot in this regard. But at the same time, the technology of the place where a live table is located shall be good, too. If a webcam is bad, nothing can bring the desired positive experience.Employers – dealers working at those live tables shall be acquainted with the special kind of a live game. There is a difference between working at a full table and working at a table with virtual players. A real live atmosphere doesn’t allow any differences. Not so rare are the cases when the tables are provided for both real people and virtual players. The atmosphere is definitely much better when one can observe the excited players at the same table.Offer – of course, every online casino requires access to live tables, and they shall be with as many games as possible. Real online casinos come with a huge offer, there, you can play roulette at different tables, poker, and other card games. They are provided at multiple tables in many versions.Finally, streaming also matters. The game is basically a live broadcast, like during a football match, and if the movements are slow or delayed, there is not much fun watching it. Thus, the pleasure from a game in a live casino isn’t big indeed if a ball stops because the stream stops.Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
Few adults have never played against artificial intelligence. Some card games and chess tournaments that you find on a usual computer are played against artificial intelligence even though of course this is still not a complex form. In online casinos, artificial intelligence appears in completely different versions though. Thus, it is an absolute trend.Accompaniment for a player – it is clear that not every online casino visitor is a professional. The majority of visitors want to “just have a look”. Such players shall be guided in everything. It can be done with a specific AI program. Thus, AI programs can guide a player through a casino, explain games, guide through the first games.A real tour – combined with virtual reality, AI is a wonderful invention. The avatar integrated into the VR can make a real tour in a casino. Some casinos in Austria do it. Sometimes it is worth thinking about selecting a virtual player and go with him to play in an online casino.VR – virtual reality is a part of the further development of live casinos. With technology application, instead of just observing the events, players are involved in the events directly.One of the pre-requisites for the application of VR technology is the possibility for the casino to find a way and implement the new technology so that it can be useful for players. A casino, most likely, will need to work with open technologies because just a couple of casino players would buy casino glasses for virtual reality, the glasses cannot be used for other VR games. Thus, it is doubtful that one can create a pure branding. The equipment is too expensive for a player. Just a few players might be ready to purchase glasses which are different for every provider.Virtual reality will improve customer experience in online casinos. With it, gamblers can participate in the events directly.Conclusions – Online Casinos Are Already Virtual
When one is observing Solitaire-games and checks how these free games work on a smartphone, one can see that digitalization has belonged to gambling for ages. The modern online casinos are making advancements and create new trends. They come back to reality, even if it is digitalized and virtualized. It seems though that it comes from your living room at home – or from your favorite casino.

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