The one unlucky number lottery players should never use in their games


There are dozens of lucky number generators around, and none of them work.

If there was one number you should never use while playing the lottery, this is it.

Numbers are such an important part of the Silver Lotto System that it’s obvious each one is special.

Yet many players use additional numbers provided to them by horoscopes, lucky number guides, hot and cold number patterns and lucky numbers.

And some are doing this while using the Silver Lotto System! They put in their own personal lucky numbers to make up the ‘perfect play.’

They think this form of number mumbo-jumbo will help them win.

And the most popular number they use?

Their birth date.

A birthday date seems to be the most popular way to introduce a ‘lucky’ number into the System.

But that number won’t improve their win rate because odds work in different ways.

If you’ve been playing a while and not getting the results you want, my advice – don’t alter the numbers in any way by putting in your birthdate or any other lucky number.

Instead, get PRO Custom Profiles for your game. These power up your game by letting you win faster… and far more reliably than any loose-picked number.

Many Silverites use PRO all the time. It is the basic essential for using my System to its fullest. And avoid using a lucky number in your tickets… it never works out.

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