The Top States Where Sports Betting Are Legal

The Top States Where Sports Betting Are Legal

Officially, close to two years ago, the ban on betting was relieved, and states were given the license to handle the matters relating to betting as they deemed fit. Since then, quite a few persons have remained in the dark as regards if they are now allowed to bet in their states. Simply put, most persons are not aware of the rules relating to gambling in their states. This article is aimed at revealing the states that have legalized sports betting and the full extent to which they are allowed to operate under the law. The states where betting is allowed now are listed thus;


On the first of May, in the year 2020, Colorado joined the league of the states that were allowed to go back into betting fully. Not only was betting allowed in this state, but they were also given full license to operate in the sports betting industry. There were quite some renowned and notable brands that entered the market on the first of May, prompting other betting superpowers to join. Some of them already have plans of establishing their headquarters in Denver, and they are also trying to seek permission to start operating fully in Colorado. Some major enlisters in the betting market in Colorado, are attempting to get the hang of the market in the state. However, there has been a fee attached to the opening of betting outfits, and it is set at $54,000. Also, a ten percent rate for taxes has been attached to sports betting outfits.


Much like its counterpart, the state of Arkansas legalized betting on sporting activities on the first of July, 2019. A lot of betting brands have been gearing up to join and get registered as proper betting platforms while being allowed to operate in Arkansas. However, the only form of betting allowed so far is in the brick and mortar casino. This means that other forms of mobile betting are expressly not allowed in this state during the period of compiling the review. You can learn more about the best sports betting deals available for you as a bettor by clicking here. Also, there is a bill in the offing from the legislature that would allow for more betting outfits. This bill has particularly hit a brick wall in that some fees are yet to be agreed upon. There is hope that before another football season commences, all that would have been sorted out.

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The state surprised much earlier last year when they announced they would allow some betting platforms to resume activities in the state. The law permitting this kicked into law officially on the 28th of June and also came against a brick wall, which was a bit expected. Late last year, many fans had been enthused that the law would have been in operation by the time the new football season resumed, although that did not happen, unfortunately. However, some rules are already in place, such as traditional casinos were given preference over the online ones. The government allowed traditional casinos to commence operations 18 months before only online and mobile casinos could. This meant that traditional casinos with additional online platforms could commence betting activities while casinos that were based online only had to wait for 18 extra months.


On the third of May, 2019 the city of Montana officially welcomed back sports betting into the state. The state lottery was tasked with overseeing all activities related to this. Mobile betting was allowed partially in that specific restaurant, and bars were permitted to entertain bettors, as they could place bets online only within the four walls of those kiosks. Although plans were already underway to actualize resuming on time for the NFL season, they had to wait till the third month in 2020 to begin its operations finally.


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