Three Promos To Watch: $1K Hand of the Day, Summer Twisters, and 134% Rakeback!

Three Promos to Watch

Three Promos to Watch

Online poker promotions are a great way to boost your win rate and your bankroll so it definitely pays to get involved in them. We have three promotions this week that deserve your attention as all three are simple yet have plenty of value attached to them.

Win Up To $1,000 In the 888poker Hand of the Day

888poker is giving its players up to $1,000 just for winning with a specific hand, the Hand of the Day. You win a random bonus or cash prize each time you win a cash game pot with that day’s chosen hole cards.

The promotion is available to all cash game players, including the lightning-fast SNAP, so long as you’re playing for stakes of at least $0.02/$0.05.Here are the hands you need to win with and on which day:

Learn more about the $1K Hand of the Day

Summer Twisters Could Land You €250 Every Day at bet365 Poker

Twister tournaments are bet365 Poker’s take on jackpot sit & go games, which make it possible to win massive prizes for a small buy-in. Until July 24, playing Twisters at bet365 could see you walk away with a €250 cash prize every single day.

You need to make sure you start the Summer Twister mission from the missions section of your bet365 Poker account before playing Twisters with buy-ins of between €5 and €20; play at the Age of Gods Twisters don’t count for this promotion.

Each day has a different mission to complete, all of them are simple in their own right, although some of them are down to luck as you need the Twister’s prize pool multiplier to hit a specific level. Here are the remaining Summer Twister Missions:

Date Mission
15/07/2020 Win a Twister with a 3x multiplier
16/07/2020 Win two Twisters with a 2x multiplier
17/07/2020 Win two Twisters with a 3x multiplier
18/07/2020 Play a Twister with an 8x multiplier
19/07/2020 Play a Twister with a 5x multiplier
20/07/2020 Win three Twisters
21/07/2020 Win a Twister with a 3x multiplier
22/07/2020 Win two Twisters with a 2x multiplier
23/07/2020 Win two Twisters with a 3x multiplier
24/07/2020 Play a Twister with an 8x multiplier

The prizes, and your chances of winning them, are shown in the table below:

Prize Probability
€250 cash 0.018%
€100 cash 0.035%
€10 Twister ticket 1.056%
€5 Twister ticket 1.056%
20 Free Spins 1.056%
10 Free Spins 8.798%
Five Free Spins 17.596%
100 bet365 Coins 35.193%
50 bet365 Coins 35.193%

Win up to €250 daily in the Summer Twisters promotion

Rakeback Tops Out at 134% At Run It Once This Week!

Run It Once Poker has launchedDouble Trouble Week which makes it possible to earn up to 134% rakeback! That’s not an error, you really can get your hands on 134% rakeback!

All Legends rewards are automatically worth twice their standard value during Double Trouble Week. This means, for example, you’ll receive €200 instead of €100 if you reach Hearts Level 5.

There are also four periods each day where the Splash the Pot rewards are doubled to 60% rakeback! Get grinding during the following times to enjoy the 60% rakeback Splash the Pot rewards.

  • 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. UTC
  • 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. UTC
  • 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. UTC
  • 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. UTC

Throw these offers into the mix with the €600 welcome bonus and you have the recipe for getting your Run It Once Poker career off to a flying start.

134% rakeback at Run It Once Poker! Yes, really.

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