Tigers Become First MLB Team To Team-Up With Sportsbook

Custom MLB Background

Custom MLB Background

  • Tigers become first MLB team to agree to sponsorship deal with betting entity
  • PointsBet will become the Tigers’ official sports betting partner
  • PointsBet agreed to a similar deal with MLB

Since the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) over two years ago, American pro sports leagues have started to relax their anti-gambling policies.

While some leagues have been slower to react than others, a number of teams have already struck endorsement deals with sports betting entities. There is money to be made in the burgeoning American sports betting industry, which is why we can expect plenty of similar deals to come down the pike in the next few years.

On Thursday, the Detroit Tigers announced a multi-year agreement with PointsBet. This marks the first time a Major League Baseball team has ever agreed to a partnership with a sports betting entity. No financial terms of the pact were disclosed.

Starting with the 2020 season, PointsBet will display signage at the Tigers’ home ballpark, Comerica Park. The sportsbook will also advertise on the Tigers’ local radio network, and it will be featured on The District Detroit app, which is a mobile app detailing the recreational area around the ballpark. PointsBet will also be featured on MLB’s ballpark app.

Chris Granger, a group president for the team’s ownership group, issued a statement that said, “Our great fans will enjoy the unique experiences and innovative offerings that PointsBet’s personalized platform provides. As we usher in legal and responsible sports betting, we look forward to the fan-friendly enhancements that it will make to the gameday experience in and around Comerica Park.”

PointsBet Has Similar Deal With MLB

PointsBet also recently came to terms on a deal with MLB that will make the company one of the league’s Authorized Gaming Operators. PointsBet will be granted access to MLB’s official data feed, and it will be allowed to use MLB logos within its products. TheScore Bet, another sportsbook, announced their own similar deal with MLB earlier this week.

The Tigers are also the first pro sports team in Michigan to announce a partnership with a sportsbook. More will surely follow. 18 states and Washington DC have now opened legal sportsbooks since the aforementioned Supreme Court decision that made it legal for states to decide on an individual basis whether to legalize sports betting.

Last month, the Denver Broncos became the first NFL team to partner with a sportsbook when they struck a deal with FanDuel. In addition to Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL have also agreed to deals with sports betting companies over the past couple of years. While the NFL is still lagging behind in that regard, it won’t be long until America’s most popular sports league does the same.

Interesting Betting Angles For Baseball

PointsBet CEO Johnny Aitken said to ESPN, “I view baseball as arguably the most disruptable sport when it comes to innovation around betting. I think there’s a huge amount of innovation that can happen around baseball betting. Even if you join the broadcast in the seventh inning, and the Tigers are winning 6-0 over the Red Sox, there’s still an exciting way to place some action for the remainder of the game.”

PointsBet began operating in the United States for the first time last year. The sportsbook offered a number of unique betting options for baseball, including the ability for bettors to wager on actual at-bats. Bettors could put money on whether a player would get a hit, hit a home run, draw a walk, or strike out, for example.

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