Top 10 Things That Everyone Must Know About Hikvision Cameras in Lahore

When we talk about security, nothing gets better than CCTV and surveillance cameras. Compared to the CCTV cameras we used a few years ago, these cameras are not only more affordable but also more sophisticated and advanced when we talk about features. While buying a surveillance camera people look for the best option but is not too easy to find a good security camera although it seems like meeting the basic needs and features are quite easier. Before buying a good surveillance camera it is very important to compare the qualities of these cameras and then determine your goal to see which one will be appropriate for you. To find the best security cameras there are few key features that everyone must look for while buying a good surveillance camera.

·        Reliability

Reliability is one of the main things that most people look for in a good camera, this means that they don’t want to invest in something that will turn off at any time or might not work at all. While buying a CCTV camera nothing gets better than Hikvision cameras in Lahore.

·        Easy User Experience

User experience is linked to the sale of any product, this means if it is easy to use, more people will look for it because they don’t have to look for professional help of depending on anyone else for small tasks.

·        Easy Installation

Just a few years ago, installation of the camera was the biggest issue and people used to hire professionals for that, however, with time cameras are now wireless or come with just one or two wires.

·        Footage Quality

Footage quality or resolution is a very important feature that everyone must look for in a good CCTV camera. previously, getting a good resolution camera was such a task that even after acquiring the footage most people look for ways to improve the quality. Now, some cameras can capture footage with good enough quality so no extra work is required for making the quality better.

With all these qualities everyone wants their camera to be reliable and this applies to all kind of security cameras. No one wants a security camera that is not doing its job or doesn’t have good enough quality. Everyone looks for crisp, clean footage with easy to install features so the installation and maintenance fee can be reduced or avoided altogether.

These are some of the basic requirements for any CCTV camera system for the surveillance. According to market research, most of the cameras are unable to provide good enough picture quality and other features.

When we talk about brands and model, we see that there are so many people who have already installed proper surveillance system but when they require a new camera, they replace it with a different brand which is not recommended. One of the biggest issues so far is that there are two main brands leading the market and people are not aware of the features that make this brand stand out.

Who Needs Surveillance Cameras?

When we look for a good camera it is important to set the priority straight according to the goal and use of the camera. If it has to be installed outdoor, it must have low light working features and if it has to be installed indoors it is relatively easier to control light so it is relatively easier. Most people buy CCTV and surveillance cameras for their houses, office, workplace and commercial use only. Just a few years ago, these cameras were known to be experience and the footage was not so good but now with the advancement of technology they are accessible for all with better picture quality. Now that these cameras are accessible for all, it seems that security camera is in high demand and the main reason is that companies like Hikvision service provider and Dahua cameras in Lahore are now working in competition with each other. These companies try to work best for their customers by providing them with effective innovation yet making it within the budget limit.

A surveillance camera is now not only used for security purpose but also for monitoring purpose. People who leave their pets and kids are now using these cameras to keep track of everyone at home. Additionally, people are installing these cameras in their workplaces to encourage good behaviour. Some people are using these to recorded evidence in case something goes wrong and they have to claim for insurance. Additionally, keeping track of the authorization process is also relatively easier, the user has complete access of the authorization and it is up to him to authorize people on the base of their fingerprint or face scan. 

Hikvision as surveillance protege? 

Hikvision camera installation in Lahore is a Chinese surveillance camera company and around 42% of the shares are owned by the state-owned companies. The biggest shareholder with 39.65 is HIK group and they are the one taking the primary decisions. The company was founded by Zongnian who met two university grads. He was working in a research division of the china electronics technology group cooperation at that time.

Surveillance Market and What’s the position of Hikvision camera installation in Lahore?

The increase in the demand for surveillance cameras has positively impacted the surveillance market. Globally the security and surveillance market grew by 10.2% in 2018, which makes around 18.5 billion dollars. China is at the top of the surveillance and security market as it brings 44% of the global security market revenue which exceeds the rest of the world. Hikvision service provider is also a Chinese surveillance camera brand and it is leading the surveillance market with 21.4% with advanced CCTV cameras and video surveillance equipment. This brand is not only being used within china but globally as more countries become aware of the use of surveillance cameras. The survey revealed that china has 176 million security camera that has been installed publicly and this is around three times more than the 50 million cameras installed in the US. It is expected that there will be an addition of 450 million more cameras in china by the end of this year.


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