Top 5 Character Traits a Blackjack Player Needs for Success

Top 5 Character Traits a Blackjack Player Needs for Success

Blackjack is one of few skill-based casino games, which simply means that the player can affect the outcome of each round by the moves they make. We have repeated that so many times and our Blackjack-focused gaming portal has many useful tips and tricks for you. But, have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful Blackjack player? If you are interested in character traits and skills you should cultivate to become more successful at the game of Blackjack, you have come to the right place.

Eager to Learn

You can play Blackjack if you’re not familiar with its rules. However, it takes much more to be successful at it. Besides learning all the rules, you must also learn the basic strategy which will enable you to keep the house edge at the lowest value. That’s the only way to make the most of playing Blackjack.

Playing a hunch is not an option when it comes to the game of Blackjack. You must be willing to learn all the rules and preferred moves and play according to the strategy. Guessing and trusting your gut won’t do you any good, so if you want to play Blackjack seriously, make sure to learn all about the game variant of choice including the optimal strategy that can help you beat it.


If you want to have the edge over the house, you must stick to the moves suggested by the proper strategy. Again, forget about what your gut tells you and be consistent with the moves, no matter how counterintuitive they may seem to you.


Although Blackjack is a game of skill, you cannot have absolute control over it. That’s what the house edge is all about. So, you should be ready to lose some after you have won some and vice versa. To gain experience, you need to be resilient and quickly recover from a loss. Resilience does not mean that you should chase your losses, though. It means that you should be ready to invest your time into learning the game even when it seems that you will never master it.

We suggest practising the game in free-play mode until you learn all its basics. You can also use strategy charts and make moves according to them without risking your hard-earned money. Keep practising as long as you need until you feel ready to wager real cash.


This one goes hand in hand with resilience because only the mix of these two traits can make you a successful Blackjack player. You need the self-discipline to stop playing the game once you have reached the limit, whether you are on a losing or a winning streak. It will help you manage your bankroll correctly and have control over your spending, which sometimes may be more important than the right moves.


Without concentration, none of the traits and skills mentioned above can help you beat the game of Blackjack. Focusing on the gameplay is of the utmost importance as you need to be present in the moment to make the right decision. This particularly applies if you play the live dealer version of the game that takes place in real-time.

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