Tournament Spotlight: Become the First 2020 WSOP Online Bracelet Winner



The 2020 World Series of Poker has been postponed until later this year but you still have a chance, or should that be 31 chances, to secure poker’s most sought after piece of jewellery from the U.S.

WSOP has created an action-packed schedule with 31 WSOP bracelet events running from July 1 through to July 31. The first event of this superb series is the No-Limit Hold’em Kick-Off, a $500 buy-in tournament that will see several hundred hopefuls buy in and fight it out for the first online bracelet of the summer.

Cards are in the air from 3:00 PDT on July 1 and the tournament crowns its champion in a single day. Everyone sits down with 15,000 chips and plays to a blinds structure starting at 25/50 and increased every 15 minutes. Late registration is open for 225 minutes and you can re-enter up to two times if you dust off your stack while late registration is available.

This event doesn’t have a guaranteed prize pool, in keeping with the WSOP tradition, but should still be massive if previous, similarly-sized events are anything to go by.

Your guide to competing for a WSOP bracelet

The 2019 WSOP Online Bracelet Events

Last summer saw 1,965-players buy into the $400 buy-in event and purchase 860 re-entries between them for a total attendance of 2,825. This resulted in a first-place prize worth a cool $165,263.

That sum and a WSOP bracelet went to Yong “LuckySpewy1” Kwon who bested a star-studded final table that was the home to such luminaries as Dan “MeatJustice” O’Brien and the legendary Phil “lumestackin” Hellmuth.

Position Player Country Prize
1 Yong “LuckySpewy1” Kwon United States $165,263
2 Gabor “MeatisMurder” Szabo United States $99,361
3 Scott “merrick” Eskenazi United States $73,021
4 Frederic “LeakStain” Roetker United States $53,494
5 Phil “lumestackin” Hellmuth United States $39,460
6 Phillip “DjPhiLWiLL” Raetz United States $29,493
7 Dan “MeatJustice” O’Brien United States $22,374
8 Steve “FlatcallSPC” Cicak United States $17,086
9 Samuel “Roopert” Uhlmann United States $13,199

There also a $500 buy-in Online Deepstack event that saw a total of 1,767 players buy in. Dan “centrefieldr” Lupo triumphed in this particular tournament and saw his bankroll swell by $145,273.

History of WSOP Online Bracelets: Part 1

Place Player Country Prize (USD)
1 Dan ‘centrefieldr’ Lupo United States $145,273.90
2 David ‘DTC13’ Clarke United States $89,692.92
3 ‘johnsonck’ United States $63,771.03
4 ‘JSTRIZZA’ United States $45,959.67
5 ‘staeks’ United States $33,475.82
6 ‘MisterKK’ United States $24,729.16
7 ‘jnutz’ United States $18,526.99
8 ‘TonyStarsGFK’ United States $13.994.64
9 ‘HITRII999’ Russia $10,734.52

Then there was the $500 buy-in Online Summer Saver towards the end of the 2019 WSOP. This saw 1,325 players make 534 rebuys and create an $836,550 prize pool. It was Taylor “Galactar” Paur who was the last player standing and he secured his second career WSOP bracelet and $149,240.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Taylor “Galactar” Paur United States $149,240
2 Francois “4everrekt” Evard Switzerland $91,267
3 Satish “jfksbh” Surapaneni United States $65,250
4 John “SquatCobbler” Parker United States $47,181
5 Jason “JadedJason” James Canada $34,549
6 David “SobBaget” Liebman United States $25,598
7 Joseph “Obamacare” Hanrahan United States $19,240
8 Timothy “TruthBeTold7” Rutherford United States $14,555
9 Brian “Penny6” Mancilla United States $11,209

Follow the action from all 31 bracelet events

PokerNews To Live Report From Each Event

PokerNews’ elite live reporting team is on hand to bring you coverage of each and every one of the 31-WSOP bracelet events, including the $500 No-Limit Hold’em Kick-Off. Bookmark our WSOP live reporting pages whether your competing for bracelets or just railing from home, and you’ll never miss any of the action.

If you are wanting to win a online bracelet, be aware that all hosted events are available to players located in Nevada and New Jersey. You don’t have to be a resident of these states, but you must be located within their borders because the client uses geolocation to pinpoint your location. We compiled a handy guide for you that details everything you need to know to compete for a 2020 online bracelet.

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