Two-time Champion Kristen Bicknell Reminisces on her WSOP Memories

Two-time WSOP champion Kristen Bicknell says she aims to add a few more WSOP bracelets to her collection in the future

Two-time WSOP champion Kristen Bicknell says she aims to add a few more WSOP bracelets to her collection in the future

COVID-19 forced the postponement of the 2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. In lieu of being able to live report this year’s summer series, PokerNews has decided to relive some of the memories of past WSOPs. Today we hear from two-time bracelet-winner Kristen Bicknell who talks about her 2013 Ladies Championship win and her future WSOP goals.

Two-time Female GPI Player of the Year Kristen Bicknell says she’s been traveling to Las Vegas to play cash games and smaller tournaments at the WSOP since the mid 2000s.

However, it wasn’t until 2013 that the partypoker Ambassador cashed in her first WSOP event, winning the 2013 Ladies Championship for $173,922 and her first WSOP gold bracelet.

“Winning that event in 2013 was so much fun,” said Bicknell. “It was exciting and surreal. I remember what it was like playing as a ‘nobody’ in poker. I recognized many players and they had no clue who I was which was an interesting experience because I felt like most people assumed I was new at the game, when in reality I had already been playing for many years.

“I remember the night before the final table, I was so excited that I literally couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night anticipating the next day.”

Kristen Bicknell with her gold bracelet

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Looking back, Bicknell says that winning her first bracelet is unsurprisingly her favourite WSOP memory.

“It was at a part of my poker career where poker felt way more like a hobby then a job, especially in an emotional sense. I had a lot of friends around who I had initially learned the game with which was special, and I have very good memories of celebrating that win. That was probably my biggest tournament celebration ever.”

A Second WSOP Bracelet

Kristen Bicknell 2016 WSOP

Three years later, Bicknell had her second WSOP bracelet. Having shifted her focus towards poker tournaments that year, she said she was excited to play in a lot of the WSOP events that summer.

“I was going to try and be one of the lucky ones to have some success. I did get very lucky to win that event. It was an experience that inspired me to focus on tournaments because I loved the competitive and intense environment that tournaments provide.”

Whereas in 2013, Bicknell says she one a key flip and chipped up from then, the 2016 bracelet victory was a bit different.

“It was actually a really fun tournament poker wise because I did have a huge stack the entire final table which allowed me to play quite aggressively. I would be lying to say it doesn’t feel special beating a table of men because for the most part, I always feel under estimated.”

After her second bracelet victory, her bankroll wasn’t the only thing receiving a boost.

“Playing under such high pressure offered me an opportunity to really test my mental game. Going through all the unique stages of that tournament and ultimately winning it provided me with so much knowledge and practice that allowed me to approach the future with greater confidence.”

Kristen Bicknell

Future WSOP Plans

Naturally, Bicknell still has poker goals for the future, some more lofty than others.

“I think most tournament players all want to win the main event. That is certainly a dream. More realistically, I’d just like to attend for many, many more years and put up some consistent results, and of course add at least a few more bracelets to my collection.”

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