Updated Win Totals and Odds for All Teams Participating in Orlando NBA Season Restart Released

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See the updated win totals for all teams participating in the NBA restart at Disney World. Photo from Wiki Commons.
  • Win totals for the remaining 8 regular season games have been released for the NBA’s July restart in Orlando
  • Which teams present the best bets for the shortened season? 
  • Read below for a look at the win totals and predictions for all 22 teams heading to the bubble

As the return of NBA basketball inches closer, team win totals have been released for the 22-team, 8-game resumption of the regular season.

Between the unique format, the long layoff, and a growing list of players that have chosen to sit out, there is a bevy of factors to take into account when assessing the value on many of these totals.

2020 NBA Restart Win Totals and Odds

Team Over Odds Under Odds
Boston Celtics O 5 (-120) U 5 (-110)
Brooklyn Nets O 3 (-125) U 3 (-115)
Dallas Mavericks O 4 (-115) U 4 (-115)
Denver Nuggets O 4.5 (-115) U 4.5 (-115)
Houston Rockets O 5 (-125) U 5 (-105)
Indiana Pacers O 4 (-115) U 4 (-115)
Los Angeles Clippers O 5.5 (-125) U 5.5 (-105)
Los Angeles Lakers O 5.5 (-115) U 5.5 (-115)
Memphis Grizzlies O 3 (-125) U 3 (-105)
Miami Heat O 4.5 (-130) U 4.5 (+100)
Milwaukee Bucks O 6 (-115) U 6 (-115)
New Orleans Pelicans O 5 (-115) U 5 (-115)
Oklahoma City Thunder O 4 (-115) U 4 (-115)
Orlando Magic O 3 (-115) U 3 (-115)
Philadelphia 76ers O 4.5 (-125) U 4.5 (-105)
Phoenix Suns O 2.5 (-115) U 2.5 (-115)
Portland Trail Blazers O 3.5 (-115) U 3.5 (-115)
Sacramento Kings O 3 (-115) U 3 (-115)
San Antonio Spurs O 3 (-125) U 3 (-105)
Toronto Raptors O 5 (-115) U 5 (-115)
Utah Jazz O 4 (-115) U 4 (-115)
Washington Wizards O 2 (-125) U 2 (-105)

Odds taken Jun. 30th

What’s the Format?

The NBA’s 8-game regular season will have a March Madness vibe to it. Over a two-week period, there will be games from noon to 10:00pm EST on a daily basis. For basketball fans, there isn’t a better way to jump back into hoops.

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The eight games will be tacked onto current records, which will then determine playoff seeding. That’s especially important to consider when evaluating teams that are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive, as well as teams that already have a high seed locked up.

Let’s dive into some numbers worth betting.

Brooklyn Nets: Under 3 (-125)

The tough news just keeps piling up in Brooklyn. We already knew Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant wouldn’t make the trip, but that isn’t the end of it. DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie have each tested positive for COVID-19, causing Jordan to opt out of the restart and leaving Dinwiddie strongly considering the same.

This team, despite being a playoff team at the seven seed, is already trending downward. Their record stands at 30-34, and they’re playing with an interim coach in Jacques Vaughn.

Losing Dinwiddie, who was posting 20.6 points and 6.8 assists per game before the suspension of the season, would deal an even bigger blow to the Nets.

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Houston Rockets: Over 5 (-125)

In the short look we got of the small-ball Rockets, things were encouraging. From February 4th, the date of the trade that sent Clint Capela to Atlanta and brought in Robert Covington, Houston compiled a 9-5 record. That could easily have been 10-4, if not for some late-game heroics from Bojan Bogdanovic in the February 9th matchup with the Jazz.

The biggest advantage of the pause in play for Houston is that James Harden and PJ Tucker each have a chance to enter the restart fully rested. Small ball requires those two to play a ridiculous amount of minutes, especially Tucker as a key defensive player, and the 82-game regular season would have been brutal.

With a well-rested core, and three games against sub-.500 teams, the Rockets are poised for a strong run in Orlando.

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2020 NBA Championship Odds Tracker

Philadelphia 76ers: Over 4.5 (-125)

The biggest winner of the revamped schedule is the 76ers. They’ll play three different games against teams that are on the second leg of a back-to-back. Brett Brown’s team already has the 21st-ranked schedule of the restart, and they should feast on a weaker group that meets the physical 76ers after playing the day before.

Half of Philadelphia’s opponents are ranked outside the top ten of the league in points per game, a group that includes Indiana (19th), San Antonio (17th), Orlando (28th), and Toronto (14th). The Wizards, Suns, and Trail Blazers are in the top ten, but those are non-playoff squads that don’t play much defense.

No one has an easier road than Philadelphia.

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Toronto Raptors: Under 5 (-115)

Toronto is the polar opposite of Philadelphia. The defending champions have, by far, the league’s toughest schedule in the Orlando restart. In the 8-game stretch, Nick Nurse’s team will take on the Lakers and Bucks, the league’s one-seeds on each side, as well as the Heat, Celtics, 76ers, Nuggets, Grizzlies, and Magic. They won’t see a single one of the six non-playoff teams invited.

That matchup with Milwaukee, to make it even tougher, will come on the second leg of a back-to-back.

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There is also the question of incentive with Toronto. Obviously every team needs to make use of these 8-games for a pre-playoff tune-up, but the Raptors don’t desperately need to win 6 or 7 of their restart games.

They sit 6.5 games behind Milwaukee, so catching Giannis and company isn’t especially realistic in this short window. The Raptors also have a 3.5-game advantage over the third-seeded Celtics, so as long as Toronto avoids an 0-8 disaster, they should comfortably stay put as the second seed.

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