Urban Meyer Reacts To Conference-Only College Football Schedules

FOX Sports college football analyst Urban Meyer on set.

Last week, the Big Ten and Pac-12 announced that it would have conference-only schedules for college football this fall. It’s a decision that could influence other conferences to follow their lead.

On Tuesday’s edition of The Herd, former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer appeared on the show to share his thoughts on the Big Ten and Pac-12 eliminating non-conference games for 2020.

Meyer is actually on board with this decision. The main reason he agrees with this decision is that it’ll allow conferences to basically control their environments amid a global pandemic.

“100 percent,” Meyer told Cowherd. “It’s all about control. Control the environment, control when you start the offseason, control when you start the season, and – more than anything – control the safety of the student athletes. You can do that within conferences.”

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Meyer also commented on the idea of college football moving to the spring. Unlike the conference-only schedule, he’s not a fan.

“I’d much rather see a shortened conference season, play a few games and see how that goes,” Meyer said.

There’s so much uncertainty regarding the 2020 college football season. Even if it starts in the fall, there’s no guarantee it’ll actually last due to the coronavirus.

Spring football seems like a last resort for most programs because it would result in a quick turnaround for players going pro. It would also mean schools would have to go a second-straight season without spring camp.

As of now, the best bet for college football might be to play a conference-only schedule this fall.

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