Very skeptical about something I recently saw in the Google News feed

Why did you mention google when the article is from a rag newspaper but you didn’t mention them?

I am an American Patriot & Vet, I am a person of faith & conscious.

I have an agenda, to bring America back to being Constitutionally compliant.


No Republican In America Has Ever Kept Their Oath, In Their Life.



The Christian Church lied to the world about God, Jesus, the Bible & abortion, Then they took over control of the GOP and using the GOP, corrupted all of America since that time from the moment they asked that first Republican their litmus question on abortion.

A 100+year fact-checkable timeline of the Christian Churches Politics:


The Christian Church has never been your friend or America’s.

This timeline alone irrefutably proves that & is fact-checkable.

This is that story and all the corruption it has caused in every facet of American government & diplomacy.

They are the head of the deep state, and no that is not a tin hat conspiracy hter.

It is real, this is the story & you can fact-check every line of it, just don’t complain about my bad grammar please.


The 100+ Year History Of The Real Deep State In America.

The Christian Church sits in the seat of power & it has never served God.


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