Watch Interviews And Live Streaming Of Poker On These Top Channels

Watch Interviews And Live Streaming Of Poker On These Top Channels

With the rise of poker and the live video streaming services, there has been a great camaraderie and togetherness developing amongst the people belonging to the Indian Poker Community. Streaming has become a great platform for experienced professionals to share their thoughts and views about the game with their audiences as well as incorporate the views and opinions of other players and pros with podcasts and interviews. 

Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the most prominent streamers and podcasts in the country

1. #HeadsUpWithGoindi by Abhishek Goindi

Considered to be one of the best players in the country, certainly one of the most experienced, Abhishek Goindi started his Youtube channel back in April 2018. The channel resorts to everything about poker. From poker to factors affecting poker. With various features of some of the biggest and brightest minds in the Indian poker industry, Abhishek’s channel is the perfect place to be if you want to know how the best in the business actually became the best in the business. 

Get the channel link here

2. Siddhant ‘Schemer’ Karia Live On PokerBaazi’s Twitch Channel

PokerBaazi’s foray into the online streaming platform Twitch instantly reaped rewards. Indian poker reg, Siddharth ‘Schemer’ Karia has taken on the reigns of PokerBaazi’s Twitch channel where he’ll be live streaming the Endeavour 15L GTD every Tuesday! Schemer has over ₹1.2 Crore in lifetime earnings and is an experienced high stakes poker player. The stream is a valuable place for new players who want to know small details and clear basic concepts while watching one of the best players in the country take on a massive flagship event. 

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3. It’s Your Turn with Aditya Wadhwani

Aditya Wadhwani is a big name in the industry. He has been streaming stuff other than poker for a long time now. He is the “go to” guy for the entire poker industry when it comes to hosting a live poker series or streaming big final tables for online tournaments. His show It’s Your Turn features in-depth interviews with some of the bright young and experienced players in the industry. 

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4. Poker Rajas by Richard Haridasoham

Poker Rajas by Richard Haridasoham is one of the first youtube channels and podcasts about the Indian poker community and poker players from India. Richard started the channel back in 2009 and established a great path for future streamers and Youtubers who wanted to take up a similar premise. Although Richard hasn’t made new content for quite a while now, his Youtube channel still has a lot of great content and interviews with some of the brightest minds from the industry. 

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5. Off The Felt With Muskan Sethi by Muskan Sethi 

One of the most important and popular faces of Indian poker community, Muskan Sethi has taken her podcast, “Off The Felt With Muskan Sethi” to a completely different level. She’s had international legends such as Jonathan Little and Chris Moneymaker on her podcast as well as some of the biggest players from India. 

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Certainly a role model and inspiration for all women and potential female pros in the industry, Muskan hosted an episode specially dedicated to all the women in the industry. Prominent women in the circuit like Kanchan Sharma, Pratibha Arya, Shuchi Chamaria, Mahima Walia Das, Smita Agarwalla, Niharika Bindra, and Ruchika Purohit were all on the guest list. They shared their respective poker journeys along with talking about their inspiration to play the game! 

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