What is a Draw No bet in Soccer?

What is a Draw No bet in Soccer
What is a Draw No bet in Soccer

New to the sports betting world? Don’t worry, we’ll explain what a Draw no bet means in soccer betting.

If you are new to the sports betting world, you’ve probably heard many new terms from your already professional bettor peers. And, you’ve most likely heard about the “draw no bet” concept.

If you have no idea what that means, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

What is Draw No bet?

First, let’s find out what draw no bet isn’t by comparing it with traditional Match Winner Markets.

On this traditional Match Winner Markets, bettors have three options when making their bets:

home win, away win, or draw.

The Draw no bet markets, on the other hand, eliminate the “draw” option from the equation, leaving just home win or away win options.

Now, the main difference between the two markets is that you may get your stake back if you made the wrong bet.

In other words, if you make a bet on one of the teams but the game finishes as a draw, as the name of the market suggests it, there’s basically no bet, meaning that your stake will be refunded.

However, if you bet on the team who loses the game, you won’t get your stake back as it is considered that you’ve lost the bet.

Why bet on Draw on bet market?

You may be thinking that it would be easier to bet on the team you fancy or the team you think will win the game in the regular Match Winner market.

Let’s say, for example, that Atlanta United FC is at home to Chicago Fire FC. If you’d bet on this game, you’d think that it makes sense to bet on Atlanta United FC thinking that the team has an edge and you’d back a home win.

Yet, Draw no Bet option actually makes more sense, especially if you are new to the betting world.

For instance, this option eliminates one of the most challenging aspects of soccer betting, which is figuring out the probability of the draw.

Even if you are really good at weighing up the similar abilities of the two teams, calculating the odds for a draw is a lot more complicated than that.

Thus, with Draw no Bet option, the worst thing that can happen when the game finishes at Draw is that you get your stake money back.

So, the biggest advantage of this betting option is that it offers a degree of insurance.

For example, in the game scenario mentioned above, you might be confident that Atlanta United FC has a more tactical advantage against Chicago Fire FC, and you might be right.

However, soccer is a relatively unexpected game, and it often happens for the better team to be unable actually to capitalize on their advantage.

So, if that happens and your guessing was wrong, you can relax as if you placed your bet in the Draw no Bet market, your stake will be refunded.

The basics of betting in the Draw No Bet market are pretty much the same as for the Match Winner market.

However, the Draw no bet market reduces complexity for better and adds insurance.

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