What to Bet on – The Value of Selecting You’re Betting Markets

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we discuss sports betting markets both good and bad

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When we first did a betting guide, we talked much about the mindset that will help people succeed in sports betting, and you can only earn profits from your bets when you focus on finding value in the entire picks. This guide is an extension of that, and we intend to explain how some betting markets possess better odds than some others, and how you will gain more when you focus on the traditional and basic markets.

Having accumulated this information in your head, the next thing that would be of concern to you is what exactly to bet on, and it is not an easy decision to make. You will come across lots of betting markets from bookmakers, especially when you talk about the major European leagues and the biggest games. However, care must be taken by every bettor to avoid making a bad bet.

Now, all bettors are not supposed to specialize in betting in the same sports, but the truth is that horse racing and football takes center stage for the most successful European bettors, and these two sports are the most profitable to select. That said, selecting the right market to wager on within these sporting events is a different thing altogether. For options in the UK, visit maxfreebets.co.uk. It’s got a long list of sportsbooks tailored specifically for players based in the UK.

What Markets Should I Choose?

Football betting involves a number of betting markets, and they include the ‘Both Teams to Score’ and ‘Double Chance’ markets. However, the straight win, Asian handicaps and goal line bets are the preferred options for most of the successful bettors. This is because they believe that they can easily take advantage of these three.

Straight win is the type of bet that explains itself. Here, there are three options for the better to select from. They include bets on the away win, draw or the home win options, and when your choice is right, you win the bet. Most times, bettors tend to go with the favorites to win because they normally have the lowest odds, but studies have shown that overtime, this may not yield dividends. Whenever you want to go with the winners, it is advisable to look for where the option has relatively even odds, while you have data that shows one of the teams as the favorite to win.

Another common bet in the list among professional punters is the ‘Over and under 2.5’ option. This is because this option happening depends hugely on the long-term statistics of the team and the league in question. So, much data and statistical analysis is needed here to gain plenty of edge, especially for those with the cool to analyse the smaller leagues.

The other popular market among expert bettors in the list is the ‘Both Teams to Score’ market. This may also not offer any profit in the major leagues because the stats are normally distributed in very small quantities. These odds may present huge benefits when it comes to games in the lesser leagues. For example, in the South American, Belgian and Dutch leagues, many professionals could discover and enjoy huge benefits from ‘Both Team to Score’ opportunities.

The Asian Markets

The Asian handicap has been part of the offering by the majority of bookmakers in the last few years, and this is one of the most common markets among professional bettors nowadays. In the Asian handicap, teams are given some level playing ground by adding some goals to the final score even before the kickoff. An example is when a relegation threatened team is playing the champions. In this bet, the relegation threatened team may be awarded two goals even before the match starts.

In the Asian handicap, the most basic is 0. When the game has a 0 Asian handicap, you win the bets when your choice wins and lose when the team you chose loses. But if there is a draw, you will get a refund of what you wagered. So, the setting does not involve the drawn matches, so all you can bet on is whether the team will win or lose.

There are also some Asian handicap bets that will come with +0.25, and here, you will lose half of what you wagered if the match ends in a draw, but will lose the entire stake if your bet ends in a loss. For the +0.50 Asian handicap, you win when your pick is the winner and lose with any other outcomes, while in the +0.75 option, you go home with the full prize money when your team wins by 2 goals up and half of the bet price money if they win by just 1 goal.
In the Asian handicap betting, punters are given the room to enjoy a versatile form of betting. It gives them the chance to predict the outcome of the game more correctly and also shields them from some level of negative results.

Professional bettors normally choose to wager on Asian handicaps because bookmakers normally prefer to offer improved pay on them, and this offers it better odds and creates more chances of beating the bookies. The truth is that in most of the cases, betting on Home Team +0 is better than betting on Home Team alone in the straight win market, though they are exactly the same thing.

The Asian handicap markets are very popular among bookmakers because of the lower margins that bookies charge on them. But most of the casual bettors will still prefer to wager on the markets they are conversant with, and this denies them the edge, simply because of lack of curiosity.


Many bookers are out there delivering almost the same set of bets. But there are cases where same bets are offered with different names by two different bookmakers, with odds that are different. Because of this, every professional bettor must train themselves on the best way to pick out these options and take advantage of them.

It is also good for you to note that for you to enjoy amazing profits on the long run, you have to pick out the right market to place bets on, research on the market and study it, so as to improve your understanding of it. Just specialize on the market you cherish and master everything about it if you want to gain constantly. Through this method, you can latch on any available edge and milk it.


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