What’s New: Looking at the Latest Releases from Top Online Casinos

Thank God for casino game developers. Never ones to rest on their laurels even after they’ve released a smash hit slot game; they’re constantly surprising us with all new themes and features in their latest titles.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the latest games to hit an online casino near you.

Has any TV show taken the world by storm quite like Game of Thrones has in recent years? Hits like Breaking Bad aside, we certainly can’t think of any.

It’s not so surprising then, that the HBO franchise has branched out further in the form of a video slot machine from Microgaming.

Taking its inspiration from the original books by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is proving as big a hit in the casinos as it has in its other incarnations, thanks in no small part to an attractive Free Spins feature.

Grab three scatter symbols, and you’ll be gifted with the chance to serve on of the four Houses of Westeros, each with their own unique number of free spins up for grabs.

A game as gripping as the show on which it is based, Game of Thrones is well worth your time.

So too is this five reel, twenty-liner that draws from that most popular of casino-game themes: Ancient Greece and the mighty Gods of the old world.

Originally an exclusive to Sky Vegas, Odds of the Gods has since found its way onto a slew of other popular casino sites, bringing with it an epic soundtrack and visually arresting graphics, all adding to the experience of your traditional slot game.

The big money here is to be found in the bonus rounds, of which there are no less than four to get your hands on. Again, these are all based on Greek mythology, with Athena, Shield, Hermes and Mount Olympus all yielding their own rewards. The latter in particular is where you’ll find a progressive Jackpot, meaning its a little less prominent than the others, but well worth hanging on for.

Purpose-built for mobile casino aficionados, Mazooma Interactive’s Quasimodo-influenced slot boasts the standard five reels, 20 payline format.

Whilst this doesn’t really help Notre Dame stand out from the crowd, what does is those bright, vibrant graphics, titillating backing music, and a court jester who guides you through the game with giggles and japes along the way.

Indeed, whilst other online casino may trump this one in terms of sheer uniqueness, we’d argue that few can top it for pure fun.

What is it about bubbles that have made them such a popular theme for games makers in recent years? When they’re not being popped all over Facebook, they’re floating into our online casinos with the latest offering from IGT.

Much more of an arcade game than a traditional, reel-spinning slot, there’s still cash up for grabs here. To get at it, the objective is to group those big bubbles together by colour. Gather four or more together in a group, and you’re onto a winner.

Offering as much fun as the slots, this one makes for a welcome distraction when your eyes are goofy from watching those reels spin over and over.

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