Withdrawal and Verification Policy GGPoker

Verification of the player account at GGPoker

It is standard for a player’s account to be verified with a valid ID document and current proof of address (not older than 3 months). A valid ID document is an identity card, passport or possibly a driver’s license. As far as proof of address is concerned, it should be a current utility bill (electricity, water, gas, internet), or any official letter from the office or the bank.

We recommend always verifying the player account right at the beginning, so that there is no problem and no waiting time when making a withdrawal.

In order to verify your player account you have to log into your player account, click on Cashier and then on “My Info” There you have the possibility to upload your documents. For security, you could also send them to [email protected]

It is nothing more and your player account is usually verified within 24 hours.

Withdrawal Policy and Limits

There are clear payout guidelines and various monthly limits. Depending on the amount of your payout, GGPoker may request additional documents again. In case if you dont withdrawal more as 10k per month, the usual documents like passport copy and proof of address are totally fine.

“We operate a closed loop policy on deposits and withdrawals. Where possible, all customers must withdraw funds to the originating funding method/account. Customer’s withdrawal requests shall be automatically paid directly to the payment method(s) by which that customer submitted their original deposit(s) to their GGPoker.com account, up to the amount that the customer deposited in GGPoker.com using the same payment method(s). Withdrawal above the deposit amount shall be processed after a thorough review.”

Withdrawal Limit per Month Level of Authentication Details
$0 – $2,999 0 – Basic authentication required Due Diligence documents may be requested
$3,000 – $9,999 1 – Enhanced authentication required A combination of the due diligence documents will be required
$10,000 – $19,999 2 – Source of fund information required Source of Wealth information will be required
$20,000 – $49,999 3 – Signed & notarized original documents required Source of Wealth (Corroborated) and certified evidence of identity or certified by VIP manager will be required
$50,000 Absolute withdrawal limit per month. Customers withdrawal amounts totalling above $50,000 during a one-month period will be transferred to the following month. Special cases will be considered by the management.

Player Transfer (P2P)

Also here GGPoker has clear rules and every player should know the conditions and how all works.

GGPoker’s player transfer feature is intended to help players fund their accounts so that they can play at our tables. Transfer funds should come from winnings, and for security reasons, players are restricted from withdrawing transferred funds that originated directly from deposits or other transfers.

The player transfer feature has been designed to enable players to fund their accounts so that they can play at GGPoker tables; due to fraud prevention and anti-money laundering measures, GGPoker needs to be particularly diligent when monitoring player transfers, which all players should appreciate.

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