Would You Like To Own A Sealed Copy Of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!?

Few games bring back the nostalgia of the Nintendo Entertainment System quite like the mark left by Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! The game was one of the first titles to have an athlete on the cover as part of the marketing, and as a character, you could go up against. Many a player has the music and combos for this game etched into their brains, and it has become a speedrun phenomenon in recent years as people have been beating the game blindfolded in different ways. But if you really want to have those memories up on a shelf to remember, you can, as someone has put a boxed and sealed copy of the game up for bid on Heritage Auctions. Right now the game is going for $12.5k, which is a hefty price unless you actually got the cash to spend on it and the auction ends on July 10th. Best of luck to you if you’re looking for a trophy of gaming history.

Would You Like To Own A Sealed Copy Of Mike Tyson's Punch Out?Would You Like To Own A Sealed Copy Of Mike Tyson's Punch Out?
Credit; Heritage Auctions

Out of all the copies of this game we have offered so far, most collectors would agree, this is by far the most impressive. This is the highest graded copy of this game we have ever offered with a round seal of quality. We’ve also heard a few rumors that this is one of the highest graded copies (if not the highest-graded copy) of this variant. In our May 2020 Signature Auction, we offered a round seal of quality copy of this game — the same variant as this one — that sold for an all-in price of $45,600 — and it was a Wata 8.5 A! We can only imagine the level of ferocity the competition for this copy will experience based on that result. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is the first Nintendo game to ever be endorsed by a celebrity. The then-world heavyweight boxing champion was eventually removed from the game once the license for Nintendo expired. He was completely replaced by Mr. Dream in the subsequently released Punch-Out!!

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