WSOP: 'PokeThese' Wins Event #2, $169K

‘PokeThese’ earned $168,585.95 after taking down Event #2 ($1,000 NLHE) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online.

The second event of the 2020 World Series of Poker played out similarly to the first. One of poker’s brightest shining stars made a deep run, the final table included a well-respected player who originally cut their teeth in the online arena before finding live success and the eventual winner was a bit of mystery to the audience watching at home.

PokeThese‘ emerged victorious from a field of 919 runners in Event #2 ($1,000 No Limit Hold’em) to win $168,585.85 while Daniel Negreanu busted in 18th place and Jason Somerville made the final table.

It took nearly 10 minutes before the first elimination of the final table. Sean ‘bahbababa’ Prendiville moved all-in for 1,409,873 from the button with Kc9h and Matthew ‘Michmeister’ Mich called off his tournament life from the small blind with [aj]Jd. The flop came 4d4s2c to keep Mich in control. The Kh turn flipped the script and gave Prendiville top pair. The 8h was no help for Mich and he was eliminated in eighth.

A few hands later, a standard race gave Prendiville his second victim. Jon ‘jonnyg93’ Gisler shoved his stack of 2,200,981 all-in from early position with AsKc and Prendiville called from the big blind with QcQd. The KsQs5s flop gave Prendiville middle set but left Gisler with nine outs for the nut flush. Neither the 7d turn nor the 6c river were of any help, however, and he was sent to the rail in seventh place.

Six-handed play lasted 15 full minutes before Somerville’s run at a second bracelet came to a screeching halt. From UTG, ‘PokeThese’ bet 1,000,000 with TcTh before Somerville re-raised all-in for 2,831,970 from the button with AhKd and ‘PokeThese’ called. The 9h7c4d8h7d board offered Somerville no relief and he was out in sixth place and ‘PokeThese’ had his first victim.

Almost 30 full minutes of five-handed ended when Prendiville clashed with Kevin ‘GoneBananas’ Garosshen. From the button, Prendiville shoved for 2,390,863 with Qs9h and Garosshen re-shoved from the small blind with 9c9s. The Js8d5d flop kept Garaosshen in front but increased Prendiville’s outs. The 9d turn gave Garosshen a set and Prendiville was unable to hit any one of the four remaining tens to make a straight after the 5s river completed the board and filled Garosshen’s boat. Despite picking up two eliminations early, Prendiville was eliminated in fifth.

Daniel ‘IntoTheRiver’ Fischer was the next to go. Fischer shoved all-in for 2,813,832 from the button with KdTd only to have ‘KOVID19‘ call from the big blind with JcTc. The 8s7d2h flop gave ‘KOVID19’ a few extra outs. The 9s turn was one of them and ‘KOVID19’ turned an unbeatable straight and all Fischer could do was watch the meaningless, if not cruel, Kc complete the river to officially end his tournament with a fourth place result.

Twenty minutes later, ‘KOVID19’ sent play from three-handed to heads-up. ‘KOVID19’ bet  816,000 from the button with Ad7d, ‘PokeThese’ folded the small blind, but Garosshen moved all-in from the big blind for 837,631 with Ac5s. The Qd7c7s flop ended all hope for Garosshen. The Jh turn was meaningless and the 7h river gave ‘KOVID19’ quads to officially end Garosshen’s run in third.

Thanks to a 3.5-1 chip lead, ‘PokeThese’ needed just a few hands to finish off his final opponent. From the button, ‘KOVID19’ bet their final 2,246,570 with Qs6c and ‘PokeThese’ called with 6h6s. The board ran out Th5d4s2d8d to completely miss ‘KOVID19’ and give ‘PokeThese’ the bracelet and $168,585.95 payday.

Final Table Payouts

  1. PokeThese – $168,585.95
  2. KOVID19 – $104,242.17
  3. Kevin ‘GoneBananas’ Garosshen – $73,423.50
  4. Daniel ‘IntoTheRiver’ Fischer – $52,383
  5. Sean ‘bahbababa’ Prendiville – $37,890.37
  6. Jason ‘haderade’ Somerville – $27,762.99
  7. Jon ‘jonnyg93’ Gisler – $20,691.28
  8. Matthew ‘Michmeister’ Mich – $15,627.59

Notable Finishes

Negreanu and Somerville weren’t the only familiar faces to make the money in Event #2. Three of New Jersey’s top online grinders, Michael ‘itwasthator0’ Gagliano (13th – $7,333.62), Daniel ‘redsoxnets5’ Sewnig (24th – $4,801.77) and David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman (86th – $1,833.40) each cashed on Friday morning. One of Nevada’s top-ranked players, David ‘bewater’ Goodman (52nd – $2,881.06), also earned a positive result. Katie ‘katelin’ Lindsey (122nd – $1,571.49), and Jon ‘havuuuuuc’ Turner (135th – $1,484.18) each made managed to pick up their second cash of the Series while Ryan ‘protential’ Laplante (106th – $1,571.49) earned his first.

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