WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game Revealed

The latest game from the WWE, WWE 2K20, didn’t do so well. While players compose their wishlist for the next WWE 2K game, WWE is looking at different options for making games. Soon players will be able to take part in a different format.

The experimentation with different avenues of entertainment is a good idea on WWE’s part. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has posed many problems for the organization. On top of live shows being canceled and matches postponed, some wrestlers have come down with the disease. This situation shows no sign of letting up, so fans must turn to other avenues for wrestling fun.

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A new game called WWE Legends Royal Rumble is available for pre-order now, and it’s not a video game, ot’s a card game that mimics the Royal Rumble format. Ten wrestlers, chosen from among the WWE’s legends, enter the ring controlled by 2-10 players. The match rages on, with cards representing signature moves being played until one wrestler remains. Card game/fighting game hybrids have become more numerous as of late, and this is an adaptation of the formula for the typical WWE video games. It may well rank among the best WWE games soon.

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This is only one way that the WWE is trying to make its entertainment readily available. Another example includes the WWE Network announcing a limited free service. Hopefully, there will be a digital version of the game as well. After all, this is not the safest time to gather and play a card game.

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