Your Best Platform Buddies: 4 Excellent PDF Readers Of 2020 You Should Try Out

Your Best Platform Buddies: 4 Excellent PDF Readers Of 2020 You Should Try Out

PDF or Portable Document Format is highly regarded as one of the most convenient file formats for any device. Various settings like business, academic, and medical often use the format for legal documentation due to its useful features.

Nowadays, most business and academic-related operations happen virtually, and for sure, the population of PDF users will be more likely to increase in the next few years. Being one of the most useful formats in this digital age, most people prefer to convert their files into a single pdf.

Let The PDF Bear Handle Your File Conversion

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of those standard formats that they usually convert, as this particular file cannot manage to work with other platforms. If you are currently searching for the best free PPT to PDF converter online, the PDF Bear’s converter tool should be on your leading list. The site follows the most straightforward conversion steps. For your comfort, we have summarized these necessary procedures for you to convert files using the site.

  • Choose The File. Go to the website and select your Microsoft Powerpoint from your device by clicking “Select files.” Another convenient option is to directly drag the site you wish to be converted to its server. The tool will keep your file’s original quality.
  • Let The Process Bar Do The Work. After selecting a few PowerPoint presentations, let the tool’s process bar do the whole work on your behalf. This is one of the most convenient choices, especially if you have other tasks to do.
  • You Can Modify It. If you want the files to be modified, select from the available options and let the tool apply the necessary changes.
  • Click “Download.” After you have completed the three steps mentioned, your newly updated PDF files are uploaded on your Dropbox or Google Drive. Just simply click “Download,” and it will be saved in less than a minute.

Developers are also introducing best, useful, and convenient pdf readers for all sorts of devices. After converting your files to PDFs, you can access it for free using any pdf readers. We have listed these best pdf readers of 2020 that you should try out for your comfort and satisfaction.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is a free PDF reader that lets you access and read PDFs anytime, anywhere you want across any technological devices. One of the reader’s coolest features is its ability to read the entire content out loud. Thus, this is your ideal reader when you are commuting.

Foxit Reader

This reader is somehow similar to Google Docs. It allows users to share, create, and protect their PDFs on their cloud. By using Foxit Reader, you can fully track who opens your file. You can also notify them whenever you have some changes with the document.

Nitro Reader

When it comes to the most advanced digital features, Nitro Reader never disappoints its users worldwide. The platform allows you to access various useful tools to review, create, and share PDFs. You can also modify your PDFs using this reader.

Javelin PDF Reader

Javelin PDF Reader is one of the most straightforward PDF readers that allows you to print, encrypt, or bookmark your PDFs. The reader has a size of 2MB, which makes it an excellent choice for readers who have minimal storage space. You can freely download it now and enjoy its excellent features.


Regardless of the platform you are currently using; PDFs will be your best buddy in any virtual operations. Create, edit, and share this document anytime and anywhere you want. Pick the reader of your choice from the selections listed above. Rest assured that all of them will never disappoint you. If you have some issues with other formats, you can freely convert them to convert using the PDF Bear’s tool, get your new update file, and access it via the best reader PDF reader.

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